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Tin and Straw

Follow the Old Road

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A Community that supports the slash pairing of Cain and Glitch from Sci-Fi's Tin Man

Welcome to the well-named slash community for Cain and Glitch (also known as Ambrose). Here you will find fics, art, poems, icons, anything you can think of that you may possibly want of the slash pairing of Cain and Glitch will be here.

You are welcome to join, but be aware that this is/will be an adult livejournal community, there will be adult themes, so don't get all pissy when you read them.

If you plan to post a fic:
-and please remember to put it under an lj cut, if you don't know how to do one, it is a very simple question to ask, and someone will answer it quickly.

If you plan to post a picture please remember to upload it somewhere before you do so, and if warnings are needed please use it in the form of: Worksafe and Non-Worksafe (nudity, sexual scenes, ect...)

-Please be aware that if someone posts icons that they made you must ask them if you can take one, unless they say otherwise. As well as upload it onto your own picture account (do not use their bandwitch up loves).

Occasionally there will probably be contests, except the prizes are undetermined. It could be something from your lj layout is used for all times if you create one. Or you may be asked to become a fellow moderator. Prizes will be determined at a future date, and is solely up to the one holding the contest what the prizes will be.